Comfortable, Safe, and Sound at Home!

Comfortable, Safe, and Sound at Home!

Seniors are usually living alone in the comforts of their own homes and sometimes they are away from their family. It is because their own family can be very busy with their own work and other life activities. Seniors are also prone to accidents even at home because they usually have physical and mental illnesses. That is why home care is recommended to provide palliative care and guidance to their everyday activities. Here are some home safety tips that can also be followed:

  • Provide proper lighting

    Aging can cause a decrease in our visual acuity and this can cause accidents such as falls and slips. Having a well-lit room can help in increasing the acuity in their vision as it helps them to be guided in their own path.

  • Properly label foods and medicines

    It is important to properly label foods and medicines in order to avoid confusion and mistake ingesting them. It is also important for medicines to be taken at the right time and in the right amounts so that your condition will be properly treated.

  • Provide railings and bathroom benches

    Additional support is very important since elders have a decreased balance and this poses danger to them. There are a lot of providers of home health care services in Nevada that helps in identifying necessary senior-friendly equipment to help secure their safety.

In order to secure your elder’s safety and care, Felicity Hospice and Home Health are here to help you with your needs especially for hospice care in Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact and inquire with us today!

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