Discover Common Myths About Hospice Care

Discover Common Myths About Hospice Care

If you and your family have decided it’s time to provide a loved one with hospice care in Las Vegas, Nevada, you might have heard various opinions from friends and family. To remedy any misconceptions you might have, here are the most common myths about hospice care:

  • “Hospice care is for people who have given up.”

    Hospice is all about providing compassionate care to patients with life-limiting diseases. Although palliative care is one of its components, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re giving up on life.

    Hospice care focuses on helping patients live the rest of their lives to the fullest by providing them with the medical care and emotional support they need. This improves their quality of life and supports the entire family as well, which is why many patients go with this option.

  • “Hospice care is expensive.”

    In reality, hospice care is a more cost-friendly option because most private insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover it. The coverage includes the patient’s medication, medical supplies, counseling, and other healthcare services.

  • “Hospice care is only provided at a hospital or facility.”

    Patients can avail of hospice care wherever they feel comfortable. There are several home health care services in Nevada, like Felicity Hospice and Home Health, that provide hospice care in a patient’s home.

To sum it up, hospice is a philosophy of providing affordable medical, emotional, and spiritual care that ensures comfort to improve quality of life. As long as a patient is comfortable at home and has a suitable environment to receive said treatment, home health services are a possibility.

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