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A comprehensive range of home health care services

caregiver assisting the senior man to stand upFelicity Hospice and Home Health offers the following home health care services:

  • Health needs assessment

    Your needs differ from other patients. We conduct an assessment to properly identify and tend to your needs.

  • Pain control/management

    Pain can be debilitating. With our expertise in pain control and management, we can help you reduce the pain you are feeling.

  • Medication management and teaching

    Taking your medications is crucial in improving your health. Our staff teaches you how to better manage your medications.

  • Wound care

    Without proper care, wounds can get infected. Our care professionals are trained to handle different types of wounds to ensure the prevention of infections.

  • Diabetic instruction and care

    You can receive further instructions on how to manage your diabetes better. We help you care for yourself to help prevent complications from diabetes.

  • Dietary teaching

    Your diet affects your health. Teaching you about following a healthy diet is part of our services. We have a registered dietician to help you out.

  • Bowel and catheter care

    We have nurses trained to provide bowel and catheter care. Such care is provided with your dignity in mind.

  • Blood draws

    Drawing blood may be necessary for conducting blood tests, especially in monitoring your condition. Our care professionals are experienced and trained in drawing blood properly for diagnostic purposes.

  • IV therapy

    Whenever you are unable to orally take your medicines or food, IV therapy is a solution. We help ensure that your IV therapy is going well.

  • Tube feeding

    Our care professionals are adept at tube feeding. They are skilled and experienced in this task as well as keeping the tube clean.

  • Other skilled services ordered by a physician

    You may need other skilled services. We will definitely render such services as ordered by your physician.

  • Medication Assistance

    Taking medications may be difficult to do on your own due to your medical condition. Our care professionals are highly trained to assist you in taking your meds.

  • Medical Supplies

    You may be needing a variety of medical supplies to ensure improved health and quality of life at home. We can help provide you with the medical supplies you need.

  • Outpatient Respite for caregiver relief

    Looking after a sick, aging, or rehabilitating loved one can be overwhelming. We can provide the temporary relief you need through our outpatient respite service.

  • Home Health Aide Services

    Our home health aides are trained to provide support and assistance to you in performing your daily activities. These include meal preparation, bathing assistance, and more.

  • Rehabilitation Care

    The members of our care team includes licensed therapists specializing in the fields of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. They will help you go through rehabilitation for optimal recovery.

  • Medical Social Services

    Medical social services focus on providing various supports to the patients and their family. These include community support, financial support, and even emotional support.

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