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Quality hospice care for those already at the end of their life's journey

caring geriatric nurse cares for ill senior woman in the bedroomFelicity Hospice and Home Health offers the following hospice care services:

  • Emotional, spiritual, bereavement support for patients and their families

    Knowing that it is already the end of one’s journey in life can be devastating. We offer emotional, spiritual, and bereavement support not only to the patient but also to the entire family.

  • Hospice aides and homemaker assistance services

    Completing daily chores may not be quite as easy in this difficult time. Our hospice aides and homemakers can complete them for you.

  • 24-hour on-call doctor and nursing availability

    Hospice patients need care at any time. Our doctors and nurses are available on-call at all times.

  • Required medical equipment, medications, and training in their use

    The use of various medical equipment and medications may be necessary. We help train you on the proper use of these essential items.

  • Medical and incontinent care supplies

    These supplies are important for hospice care patients. Our team helps you find the best supplier for these items so patients can use them.

  • Short-term in-patient care required to manage symptoms

    Life-limiting conditions often show a variety of symptoms. We have skilled hospice care professionals who can help you manage such symptoms.

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy as needed to enhance the quality of life

    Therapy services are essential in improving the quality of life. The physical, occupational, and speech therapists in our team will help provide the required therapy services to you.

  • Counseling services

    Patients and members of their families receive counseling from our staff for what they are going through. Such counsel can help them cope with the current situation.

  • Palliative Care

    This is the kind of care that focuses on those with life-limiting conditions. Whenever necessary, our care team offers the required services.

  • Medical equipment related to care for hospice diagnosis

    Hospice patients may need certain medical equipment. We help in the searching, setup, usage, and monitoring of these pieces of equipment.

  • Continuous care for symptom management crisis and uncontrolled pain

    There are times when your symptoms and the pain become unbearable. Our hospice care team will not leave your side and will continuously care for you.

  • Visits from our Interdisciplinary Team

    Our hospice team will regularly visit you in your abode. These visits are crucial for us to monitor your conditions and address any changes to your health.

  • Trained Volunteers to help support patient and family

    We are always thankful for the volunteers who spend their time and effort in supporting our patients and their family. These volunteers are trained to do what they have to do.

  • Supportive Care as ordered by the Medical Director

    You will always have our support. When the medical director deems it necessary, we will provide supportive care to you.

  • Continued Bereavement support for loved ones before and after the patient’s death

    Death is an inevitable yet devastating experience. Our hospice team provides continuous bereavement support to you or your loved ones, helping you cope with the loss of life.

Do not hesitate to talk to our staff about our hospice care services. Call us at 702-957-0020.